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Duration: 11 weeks
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Video: 22 hours
Level: Beginner

SOEM Digital is a certified digital marketing agency offering digital marketing services and training for small and medium-sized businesses, fresh online entrepreneurs, marketers that want to sharpen their professional skills, and Virtual Assistants who want to serve their clients professionally and profitably.

Either if there is a need in your business to upskill and train your employees or if you want o to learn how to get a grip of your social media, we are offering tailored training to serve your needs. Our trainers are highly experienced in their fields of expertise, with worldwide recognized certifications from well-known specialists like Google, Hootsuite, Moz, SemRush, Hubspot, Adobe, and more.

The course will be delivered Online over 11 weeks as weekly online sessions, as dripping content. There will be a weekly Q&A Session, for each module via Zoom.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Small online businesses’ owners and fresh solo entrepreneurs who want to integrate social media tactics in their marketing strategy and need to understand if this digital channel is right for their businesses;
  • Marketers involved in social media who want to sharpen their skills and better understand how to create a social media strategy for their business;
  • Executives that oversees the social media department and need to understand how to plan, control, and optimize the social media activities and budgets;
  • Virtual Assistants in need to cover all social media aspects for their employers.

What Are the Benefits Of This Course?

  • Keep up with the latest technological trends;
  • Understanding how this digital marketing channel can work for your business;
  • Learn to integrate Social Marketing into your digital marketing strategy;
  • Step-by-step training of the top 5 social networks — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest;
  • Increase your business’ brand awareness and customer base through social media;
  • Increase the number of relevant sales leads;
  • Gain more confidence to make your business more socially active and visible.

What You Will Learn?

  • Introduction to Social Media Networks;
  • Social Media Research;
  • How To Create Your Buyer Persona;
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles;
  • Social Media Strategy Made Easy;
  • Building Your Advocate Community;
  • Content Creation For Social Media;
  • Social Advertising Fundamentals;
  • Marketing Automation;
  •  Budgeting & KPIs;
    • Bonus: Social Media Key Dates for 2021 in a ready to use Google Calendar form;
    • Bonus: Social Media Calendar template;
    • Bonus: Canva templates for Social Media;

Learning about how to use Social Media for your business might be overwhelming.

With so many custom requirements, algorithms changing and different audiences, it is understandable why you might feel lost. We have spent a lot of time building up my marketing experience as well as digital expertise and certifications so we can make you feel confident after taking my courses.

We did the hard work so you don’t have to do it.

We are making Social Media easy for you.

Ready to join the waiting list?

Here is the link, sign up and wait for the course to open in April!

Enjoy your learning journey!


Introduction In Social Media Networks

Social Media Research and Listening

How To Create Buyer Persona

Setup & Optimising Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Marketing Strategy Made Easy

Building Your Advocate Community

Content Creation For Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Marketing Automation

Budgeting & KPIs Tracking. The Right KPIs For The Right Activities

Social Media Crisis Policy & Working With Influencers

This course is excellent for any individual with a basic knowledge of social media - as a user, but is not mandatory - and will build up all yous skills you need to be able to perform and control social media activities individually.
This is an online course, available on this platform only, and is delivered via a live one-hour weekly session and followed by a Q&A session. The lesson is supported by workbooks and other helpful materials and links, plus an extra deepening info document, where you can extend your knowledge by actually execute extra tasks.
The live sessions will be recorded and shared the next day on the course platform and will be available to catch up for the entire time of the course availability (11 weeks of course plus another 11 weeks - until the end of September 2021, when my support for this course ends). So there is plenty of time to find time to catch up with this course!
The course is fully refundable in the first 14 days from the purchase date. After this date, accessing the digital documents and downloading or consuming them means you have been committed to the course, therefore the refund is not eligible.
There is available an option for easy payment, with the cost split in 3 instalments, the first one taken at the signup, the other 2 scheduled as future payment in the next 2 months - monthly on the same date of the first payment. However, paying in one full payment will save you 20%!
Missing any of the payments will entitle SOEM Consulting Services LTD to ask for the payment of the remaining lump sum in full. The access to the platform will be as well suspended and the relationship will be closed.

The next intake for this course will be in April 2021

— 15.02.2021

  1. The course will start on 10th May 2021
  2. The cart will be open on 21st April 2021
  3. Join the waiting list to save your seat, limited availability!
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