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Within B2B and B2C marketing, email marketing is an extremely important digital marketing strategy. For business marketing, it is the most popular form of communication. 86% of all professionals use it more than other communication platforms. In this blog post we are going to be listing the best email marketing blogs you should be following this year.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the predominant market leader in the world of email marketing. MailChimp has been extremely successful in advising a number of different brands from across the world, regarding the cheapest and best forms of marketing.

Aside from their ESP, they also run a blog. They believe that being able to provide marketers with both the right tools and the correct knowledge leads directly to marketing success. They post on their blog regularly, so you will never be short of information.

2. Campaign Monitor

Not only is Campaign Monitor a software development brand, they also have a very popular blog that specialises in email marketing. They typically sell email marketing strategies and solutions to both marketers and brand managers. In addition to their services, they also run a wonderful blog. Campaign monitor should definitely be on your 2019 reading list, due to its vast array of useful content.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is yet another great blog that has many interesting articles on how you can begin to grow your small business by using the technique of email marketing. Every piece of advice listed on their website is tailor-made for limited budgets and challenging situations.

With high level whitepapers, e-books and guides this blog can significantly stand out amongst others.

4. VerticalResponse

Many brand managers from around the world will recommend  VerticalResponse to give you advice on email marketing. To inform users about all of their ideas they have created an excellent blog that can allow you to find out a great deal of information about case studies and surveys relating to email marketing.

5. MailBakery

Being able to create the right email campaigns can take a great deal of creativity, as well as patience. You can learn a lot about fusing these two different qualities together whilst reading the MailBakery blog posts. They provide original solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs, specialising in various forms of email content creations.