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Passive income… For those who heard of this terminology, it might really mean something good or just a big cliché.

For those who never heard about it, I will try briefly open this subject and answer some FAQs.

Either way, I will tell you how I got to love the idea of other income streams, than my usual 9-5 work or business. And I hope you will find it inspiring enough to give you some ideas on what to work smarter and not harder!

Why Passive Income?


  1. Because no matter how much we will be paid at work, we will hit a ceiling of income that possible can be made this way.
  2. Because there are THAT MANY hours in a day, in a week, in a month, you can physically work to create that stream of income to offer you the lifestyle you want or need.
  3. Because the trading time for money, can be done differently, instead of having 1 or 4 people to talk to, you can have 300 or 3000 people that are buying your products or services.
  4. Because we can put money to work for us ‘while sleeping’ just because everything works by itself, and you can take back that time to give it to your hobbies or family.
  5. Or simply because your 9-5 job that you love, and you want to keep it, does not offer that much revenue to be able to get that one good holiday per year with family, or cover the costs of kids’ tuition or medical bills.

So many reasons to have additional revenue streams! Want some ideas of passive income streams? Get my Top 15 Passive Income Revenue Streams Ideas list and start thinking about your next one!

Did you know that a regular millionaire has at least 7 passive income revenue streams? Yes, 7!

Let Me Tell You My Story

I have been a dedicated corporate employee for 20 years. That is a lifetime, my whole career almost. I always wanted more responsibility and challenging jobs, just because I knew they will bring more paid recognition (salary). The higher I have got, the better paid I have been… but less time spent with my family, long hours at work and commuting 4 hours every day. Every day. My kids were distressed because of their long hours in childcare and lack of time to do homework, and I felt like I am losing contact with reality. And even holidays were stressful and some years, inexistent.

And then this happened.

In October 2022 have discovered the Passive Income Queen, Lisa Johnson.

In the middle of the pandemic, when all the businesses were looking to survive, and all the people were looking to save their jobs or income stream, I was looking for a way to spend more time with my family, not because I was constrained by a lockdown (or 3), but because I have realized I can walk the dog whenever I want, do the drop-off and pick up from school, be there for my kids when they need me (a tummy ache at school and then is the call saying I need to come and collect the kiddo right away).

I took part in her Free Challenge on Facebook, where for 4 days she (a stranger for my then) were talking about how I can use all I know, to create not one, but multiple passive and semi-passive income streams AND to be able to have the lifestyle I want!

Yeah, right! – I said.

But then, during those three days of the Challenge, when everything was about ME, and MYSELF (because I did the work of the challenge based on what I already knew and I had), and not about her at all (!), and then with more and more research on who is she, is she genuine, is she a scammer, etc, I have realised that actually, that is a fabulous moment to start my passive income stream!!!!

It was like a meteorite, coming my way, ‘hit’ me and put me on a totally different trajectory. The good one. Her Program, One To Many TM offers all the support needed for anyone to start from scratch, even without a product or a website, and build their empire! She offered training with amazing coaches on money mindset and sales,  and parts of the programs were actually done for me.

 So, instead of investing money and time in mind coaches, sales funnels, graphic and web designers, copywriters, growth coaches, I have invested less than £200 per month and start to build up my passive income empire!

This is how SOEM Digital Academy was born. Now I am offering online courses (not only one-to-ones), but I also sell eBooks and notebooks on Amazon and I am selling courses to other business looking to train their audience or teams. Yes. All passive or semi-passive income streams.

I have followed Lisa’s advice by the book, and here I am now, after 6 months, enjoying my lifestyle and talking about passive income to anyone wanting to improve their life! It works and it is amazing how my life now has been improved and how my business pivoted and has grown.

What Is The Difference Between Passive And Semi-Passive Income Streams?

A passive income is that activity that brings you an income without any implication of yourself (except the moment of setting up the whole mechanism. An example of passive income is the one from renting a property, from dividends or from royalties.

A semi-passive income is generally one that requires some of your time and where you need to show up – like a webinar where you are making the sales live, or maybe a group coaching program, where you have once a month a video call with all the program members at the same time.


Both, passive and semi-passive, need effort and time to be set up, but then you decide what business model works best for you! You can have both passive and semi-passive income streams at the same time, additionally (or solely) to your active income streams (like your day-to-day job).

The whole point of having these 2 types of streams available, is they have less and less active income streams, so you do not need to trade time for money and at the same time, you can afford a good lifestyle.

How Hard And Expensive Is To Set A Passive Income Stream?

It is not hard, but it might take you a few days or weeks to figure out what you want to do.

Creating passive income means creating an asset upfront that you can then make money from time and time again.

The hard work is upfront but then it gets so much easier! That’s why you might want to call it Recurring Revenue rather than passive income – it makes more sense as you continue to get paid even after the hard work is done.

For me, taking part in the Free (Recurring Revenue) Challenge held by Lisa over the 4 days on Facebook, were enough to figure out what I can use from my experience and my skills, what to do next. There were situations when people started working on an idea and during the process, by the time people were happy with the idea, they have pivoted towards another idea. It is OK, it is part of the process. You will know when everything is in line with yourself.

But These Examples Are For Service-Based Businesses!

Well, this is what I thought so!

You will be surprised, how many things you can do with product-based businesses! One example is setting up a subscription box, for monthly recurring revenue, selling your kits, wax candles, baking kits, or you can use other platforms like Etsy, Shopify etc, to sell your products.

At the same time, even if you sell physical products, you can still create digital assets to be sold passively – like a recorded training or workshops, printable templates, DIY kits for home. You just need to dive into your audience’s needs and pain points and serve them online as well, not only offline!

Did you know that any healthy business should have at least one stream of passive income?

One thing is for sure, I feel the need to work smarter and not harder. And if that means having a good time with my family while generating income passively then it’s worth considering!

What about you? Is there something in your life you would like to change or improve but don’t know how? Get in touch and we will find a way together!

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